Our Services

Standard REAL ESTATE Photo Package $150

We will schedule a time to come out and shoot a full set of pictures at your property using our special slow exposure HDR technique. We will cover every angle of every room and the exterior so you have options. Shoots can take up to two hours. We are committed to quality, and quality takes time! Next we take the time to color balance and retouch each photo. We want to make sure each photo is perfect! We will then deliver your photos within 24 hours via Dropbox.

Video Virtual Tour $150

We'll produce a high quality video of your property that will show off your property from front to back, and top to bottom. If you truly want to give potential buyers a real feel for the property before they tour it, this is the way to go. Videos upgrade every showing into serious potential buyers! Video Virtual Tours will be delivered in the format of your choice within 1 week of the shoot.

Photo/Video Package $275

This package combines the Standard Still Photo package and a Video Virtual Tour into one package with a discounted price for combining services. Not only will your listing pop with a full set of our signature Slow-Exposure HDR photos, but you will also increase your showings with a custom Video Virtual Tour! Photo sets will be delivered within 24 hours of the shoot. Video Virtual Tour will be completed within 1 week of the shoot.

Volume Discount Package $125

For Realtors wishing to employ our services on a regular basis, this one is for you! We are offering the discounted rate of $125 for all Standard Photo Package bookings after two(2) full priced Standard Photo Package bookings inside any given calendar month. So If you book three or more inside a month, it's $125 for the third one and on for the rest of the month! *Discount applies to all members of an established Real Estate Team.

Twilight Exterior Feature Shot $50

We ask you to turn on all interior and exterior lights and open all the window coverings. We then spend about 30 minutes taking a series of slow exposure photos as the sun moves from day to night. We take the time to light all of the various features of the home by hand. We then composite all of these pictures into one breathtaking feature photo. These photos really stand out and give the home a whole new, warm, inviting feel.


We are here to meet all of your image needs. Whether you need Real Estate Photos, Headshots, Promotional Materials for your business, Video Inserts for displays in your office, or even Commercials for Television, We’ve got you covered! With over 10 years experience working in Creative Services for Major Market Television, there’s nothing that we haven’t done. If you’ve got an idea, just ask. We can make it happen for you, and exceed your expectations along the way!